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Code Name: Zombies, also known as “7days to die,” is an immersive HTML5 game featuring distinctive and impressive graphics. In this game, your primary task is to repel waves of zombies advancing from the right side of the map. The ultimate goal is to survive as many days as possible, with each game day lasting 30 seconds. Once the timer runs out, the zombies retreat, only to return stronger the next day. As the challenge intensifies with each passing day, you’ll need to enhance your character’s abilities to keep up. This requires upgrading skills via the upgrade menu, which in turn requires gold that you can collect by defeating zombies.

Key Features:

  • Skin System: Customize your character with a variety of clothes and hairstyles using a specially designed skin system implemented with Spine technology.
  • Missions: Engage in various missions within the game to earn additional gold, which not only helps in upgrading your skills but also extends your survival time against the increasingly formidable zombie hordes.

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