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Mahjong game with special time tiles. Remove all tiles in pairs of the same free tiles. Remove two free time tiles for extra time.
Freecell variation. Move all the cards to the foundations from Ace to King up in suit. On the tableau build down by alternate color. Use a freecell to temporarily park a card.
Shoot all the bricks. Aim and release to shoot.
Find all the restaurant differcences. Click on a difference when found.
Collapse game in the Toy factory. Remove all blocks below the animals to finish a level.
Add numbers and link all numbers to one path. Add a number in an empty cell, you can connect numbers horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
Swap 2 jewels and match 3 or more. Reach the goal.
Arrange all cards in color from Ace to King. Move a card to empty spots that are the same color and one higher in sequence or start with a A on the extreme left. After the Ace you [...]
Connect tiles to match patterns. You have to match the pattern of the tiles on the left side on the grid by connecting tiles on the grid.
A colorful mahjong solitaire game. Remove all tiles in pairs of the same free tiles.