Football Party Star

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🎮 Playing the Game 🔸 Levels This game has 30 levels. You can play the levels sequentially or in any order you like. Click on play and choose what level you want to try. At any time in the game you can go back to a level you already played. Levels are not timed. You can click on the restart level button in the upper right corner if the ball got stuck or you selected the wrong angle. If you are stuck on a level consider skipping it and coming back to it later. 🔄 Your progress is stored in your local web browser. You can continue the game whenever you like so long as you do not clear your browser cache.

🌟 Collecting Stars The goal of the game is to get all 3 stars and make the ball go into the goal. None of the stars from a level count unless the ball goes into a goal. If you get one star from a level and replay the level wanting to get the remaining 2 stars you missed you would need to get all 3 stars on the replay to get the star count for that level to go to 3.

⚙️ Game Mechanics You control the angle of the kick and the strength. Tap to set the angle. Tap again to set the kick strength. Initially, the game is easy with few obstacles, but as you progress through the game eventually you will encounter a variety of obstacles including: fixed wood blocks, moving wood blocks, spinning wood blocks, bombs, warps, air jets which block the ball, etc. In some cases, the ball must strike a moving obstacle and ricochet to be able to hit all 3 stars.

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